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About Us

Buffalo Software Solutions is an innovative technology company that deals with :.

  • Off the shelf software sales
  • Bespoke/Custom Software development
  • Cybersecurity

Buffalo Software Solutions provides a range of Enterprise Resource Planning softwares and decision support systems to various organisations across different sectors .

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Provision of Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Softwares

By using relevant algorithms, Our team aims to ensure that the perfomamnce of our clients organisation is improved through

  • 01 Digitalization

    BSS seeks to cater for the disadvantages of traditional file storage methods. By Digitalization of organisational records information can be analysed accurately and quicky

  • Through use of Artificial Intellegence and Machine Learning our analysis and forecast have a 93% accuracy rate. Which means organisations can plan for the future with a degree of certainity.

  • The feedback that you provide to us help us become a better organisation so as a result Buffalo Software Solutions values the feedback from our clients



As a company incorporated in the 21st century we seek to product technology driven solutions to our client's information needs are met.

Software Development

Bespoke softwares to suite the information needs of your organisation

Software Sales

Operating System Softwares

Application Softwares

Utility Softwares

Cyber Security

Penetration Testing and Cybersecurity trainings


Expert in industrial and process automation

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Showcased below are some of the softwares that clients can expect to find in our portfolio.

  • All
  • App
  • Service
  • Web

Inventory Management System


Human Resources Management


Order Management System


Criminal Record Management


Penetration Testing

All Platforms

Digital Marketing

Social Media




Backlinks,Keyword Opimisation


We work with a qualified and professional team the strives to make sure your problems are solved. Here is our team

Emmanuel B Fambisai

Chief Executive Officer

Faith Rutendo Nyaude

Public Relations Manager

Munashe Fambisai

CTO Lead Software Developer Cybersecurity Expert

Munesuishe Fambisai

Software Developer White Hat


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202 Manresa Park, Greendale, Harare


+263 772 698 024

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